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Bo & Co


Bo & Co



Met de nadruk op communicatie en kwaliteit wordt er zo veel mogelijk stress en zorgen van de bouwheer weggenomen, zodat die op de meest ontspannen manier zijn droomproject verwezenlijkt kan zien.
Onze inbreng zal ertoe leiden dat uw bouwproject een meerwaarde krijgt en dat de gevaren tot een minimum worden beperkt.

THE challenge


Talk about the project itself

Our main goal as a digital agency is to help businesses grow through strategy and tech. In the case of Bo&CO, their main goal was to luxury residential apartments directly. We identified multiple touch points potential clients might have with the brand, these being online and in person. A sales room was created onsite in order for potential buyers to gain a better understanding about the development.
We knew we had to imagine a visitor journey which was inviting, self explanatory, and powerful at the same time so the potential buyers, could experience something emotionally strong and engaging in a limited amount of time. Quickly, the idea of building an interactive sales room that could interact with and learn more about the project popped up as being the perfect starting point.

Immersive content


We sourced all the hardware needed in order to create an interactive top website that would be connected to another larger display in order to immerse users into the experience. The task here was educating users on the development as a whole whilst also providing them a tool that would let them filter through and select available services.
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